For the most part, the drama that has played out for the Redskins this season has been centered around Mike and Kyle Shanahan and the quarterback controversies. Until now.

The suspensions of Fred Davis and Trent Williams for violating the NFL’s drug policy is very disappointing — especially for Davis. Davis was showing growth as a consistent go-to guy for the offense.

Getting suspended because of a failed drug test says that these guys put themselves first before their team. We’ve all made mistakes — I know I have — but this may have been a very costly mistake by both of these guys. Only time will tell, but not being around for four games based off of something they both had control over will leave a bad taste in all of the peoples mouths’ that are actually trying to win games.

I’m sure self inflicted problems like these will not sit well with Mike Shanahan, as he has struggled to get this team going in the right direction.

An issue as big as this could ultimately place Shanahan himself on a hot seat. This could start the rumblings of a coach losing the locker room -- and we all know what happens after that.

The Redskins once again find themselves in a very familiar place: a team filled with question marks and uncertainty and players demonstrating a lack of discipline.

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