Super Bowl XLVI was built up in so many ways. Coach versus coach, QB versus QB and, of course, two classy organizations battling for bragging rights.

This was the rematch of the 2008 Super Bowl, when the Giants defense harassed Tom Brady all game long while the offense provided some late game heroics to win the game, which, ironically enough, is how this game played out as well.

I talked all week about match-ups and momentum. In my opinion, the Giants had the advantage in both categories coming into the game. New York pulled things together as a team when it mattered the most, at the end of the season. That always makes for a dangerous team in the playoffs.

The game revealed two evenly matched teams. It would take nearly 60 minutes for the better one to emerge.

It came down to the fact that when a play needed to be made, it was the Giants that made it. There were turnover opportunities for the Patriots but they were unable to get the ball.

Both QB’s did a great job of protecting the ball, but Tom Brady had a costly interception that I feel may have changed the outcome of the game. It came on a drive that could have melted time off the clock and potentially made it a two possession game. That’s when Chase Blackburn came up with one of the big plays of the game by picking off Brady’s deep ball and putting the game in Eli Manning hands. Manning didn’t disappoint.

It was a well played game and it could’ve gone either way, down to the last play. That’s when a game like the Super Bowl is at its best. Anyone who says it was a boring game or didn’t live up to the hype is merely trying to be a contrarian. This was a game filled with memorable moments and boasted a very distinguished cast of players.

So congratulations to the Giants for taking a season filled with peaks and valleys and making the best of it, turning their season around when it counted and riding that wave all the way to a championship.

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