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I’ve listened to the experts all weekend, and in particular I heard Mel Kiper say the Redskins didn’t have the luxury of taking another quarterback in the fourth round after taking Robert Griffin III with the second overall pick. I say this team didn’t have the luxury of getting rid of so many picks to get Griffin in the first place.

Obviously Mike Shanahan couldn’t care less about that memo; in fact, he may be the only person who knows what he’s trying to do with this team. Most great coaches conduct business like the military: in secret . This appears to be no different.

I give credit where credit is due. If a team is convinced a particular player can change the franchise into a winner, then within reason go get him. The number of draft picks the Redskins gave up to get Griffin pushed the limits of “reason,” but he’s the man they wanted so I say they needed to make the move.

Here’s what I’m thinking: This team, in Shanahan’s eyes, must sit favorably personnel-wise. He gave up a ton a draft picks for one player and then took another quarterback in the fourth round, where impact players at other positions could have been found. That tells me Shanahan is confident and willing to try to win with what he has right now.

To me, this team still has holes, and I’m wondering why use a draft pick for a clear backup? It comes across as confusing because the pick could’ve been used for positions of greater need.

Now with that being said, the Redskins did not have many picks, so be happy about them getting the pick they wanted. The rest is a detail.

I give them a B for this draft. I’d rather they had only one pick; then I could say they got an A. But because they spent another pick on a QB, I pulled it down to a B. Again, they have so many needs, but they traded away picks knowing this, so that’s a clear indication of how strongly they feel about Griffin. A potential franchise QB makes it acceptable to do what the Redskins did.

He who laughs last wins. For the sake of the fans and my sanity, I hope Shanahan is laughing hard and last.

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