I always thought if I won a Super Bowl ring, I’d keep it forever and hope that my kids would do the same after I’m gone. In my home, I have a few valuable trophies that sit around collecting dust, but I very rarely stop and really admire them.

I’m not one to gawk over things. Material things come and go, but hopefully the experiences and memories will never fade.

Yesterday we learned that the son of former New York Giants’ great Lawrence Taylor sold one of Taylor’s Super Bowl championship rings for more than $230,000. Taylor had given the ring to his son, and a representative for the former linebacker said Taylor was fine with whatever his son, TJ, decided to do with it.

I don’t know what kind of relationship the two have, so I can’t gauge how true that last part is. That’s always a very critical piece of information in these situations.

But I do have questions: Was Taylor’s son struggling financially? Did he just see an opportunity to make a killing? Or maybe he will use the money to help his father, who has had his share of problems after pro football.

It’s been reported that L.T. was not aware of the auctioning of his ring. For his son to not even seek his father’s approval, or offer it back, tells me a lot of what I need to know.

If my dad won a Super Bowl ring and gave it to me, it would stay mine. It’s about my father sharing his accomplishment with me. That’s the value--and to me that’s priceless.