I want to devote this post to extending a few thank yous. On Friday, I was selected one of the 80 greatest Redskins for the Redskins 80th Anniversary Team.

I’d like to start by thanking all the people who played a critical role in my development as a youth. It was that firm foundation that made it possible for me to go as far as I have in life. There are way too many people to name, but all who played a part know they did.

I truly appreciate every team mate I’ve ever had. Every individual accomplishment was made possible by the effort of the guys I played with. They made it possible for me to be what I am.

My time in college really helped me develop into a responsible adult and fostered my realization that being a great person outweighs being a great player. Those values led to my achievements in college, which led to my eventual departure for the 2000 NFL draft.

I can’t thank the Washington Redskins enough for believing enough in me enough to use the second overall pick in the draft to select me. The way the team and community embraced me still hasn’t been matched.

So to my fans and fans of the Redskins: I am eternally blessed and thankful to have been drafted to a place where the people are so phenomenal. This is my home. Sure, I had to leave under difficult circumstances all those years ago, but it never diminished the strong ties and bonds forged through our times together.

I am humbled and flattered by selection to this group, which shows how much a player means to you. Voting ten more guys to the list of greatest Redskins solidifies what we meant to each other forever.

Thank you so much. I promise to continue to work hard to make a difference in our communities.

In my heart I’ve always believed this: Make a tackle, make millions. Make a play, make millions. But change a person’s life, priceless. You the fans are truly priceless to me as you all have changed my life.