In a business where your performance and record mean job security or lack thereof, it’s understandable that the Denver Broncos want Peyton Manning as their next quarterback.

But in a way, it’s also very strange.

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But last time I checked, winning is right in the NFL. That’s what Tebow did as a starter. He took a struggling, losing team and led them to the playoffs. So what if it wasn’t done the same exact way as the other guys around the league did it?. He did for the Broncos what every franchise is ultimately looking to do-- improve its bottom line.

And how about creating a fan base that absolutely loves and admires him and generating television ratings for Broncos games that John Elway himself didn’t reach. Not to mention the sales numbers on anything Tebow.

Even better, how about putting together a group of guys in the locker room who are totally sold on his leadership?.

It’s fair to say that Tebow’s success may very well be short-lived, but hasn’t he at least earned the chance to show if he can do it or not? To beat the Steelers in the playoffs is no easy task, and he did it. Sure he has help, and lots of it, but isn’t that the true meaning of a team--to rally around one another and push for a common goal? At least that’s what I always thought a team was.

We live in a society that thrives on sensationalizing people who don’t embrace the team concept, who are all about themselves. We’ve seen it with Randy Moss, Lebron James and a host of other high profile athletes who are made into villains for the public to loathe.

Here we have a guy who does it as right as a person can, puts his belief in his faith and his team and wills his team to victories, but that’s not good enough. To add insult to injury, the Broncos are trying as hard as they can to bring in Peyton Manning. Am I missing something here?

Manning is a fine human being and one of the greatest of all time. Even so, I think this is a poor decision by the Broncos. Let the Tebow era play out. If he can’t carry the load, we’ll know. At the point where it becomes clear to all he can’t, then action should be taken. Not before.

He just might surprise a few people and prove that he can win with his way of playing. Just in case we have short memories, Tebow has been over-achieving and beating the odds his entire life. If he’s not the prototype to lead your team, then the person making the decisions needs to take a good hard look in the mirror.

If it’s me, I want Tebow on my team.

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