The Washington Redskins will square off against the Pittsburgh Steelers this weekend. Personnel-wise, the Redskins actually match up fairly well.

On offense, the Redskins’ wide open organized madness not only makes them fun to watch but very difficult to defend. Robert Griffin III has shown his remarkable talent both running and passing the ball. RB Alfred Morris is becoming a rookie of the year candidate himself, right alongside his star QB.

The offensive line has done a respectable job in the passing game and has been a pleasant surprise in the run game. Receivers Santana Moss and Josh Morgan provide threats downfield while Leonard Hankerson is finding his stride.

On defense, let’s just say the game will be more about the Steelers missing personnel than the talent of the Washington defense. Rashard Mendenhall, the starting tailback, and two starting linemen are out.

If the Redskins are going to pressure a quarterback, they’d better start this week. Pressure will be what makes or breaks Pittsburgh. If Ben Roethlisberg has time, Washington will not be able to hold up against the talent of Heath Miller, Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown. Wallace has struggled to catch the ball, so his confidence could be down, but that can change in the blink of an eye.

And it’s just very hard to go into Heinz Field and win. That stadium is one of the most difficult places in the NFL in which to play.

Griffin will have his hands full, but hey, these Redskins have shown they can handle anything thrown at them, including the New York Giants last week. I have no reason to believe Griffin can’t continue his assault on NFL defenses.

I smell an upset. It would be a major win for Washington.

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