Let me start this post off with something my high school coach used to always tell us:

“One play does not win or lose a game. So when we make a play, work to make another and another, and when we miss a play, don't let it happen again. Fight for every play, scratch and claw on every down. And if you do it, I promise you we will win this game.”

We won most of our games, and we believed and embraced what he said.

Coach McCurry's philosophy is what football is all about. I've never seen the perfect game coached or played, and I'm sure these eyes never will.

But what I have seen is the resolve to get the job done. I've experienced the times of having the desire and the will to give it my all in a game.

That call that Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett made on third down and long with the game against the Cowboys hanging in the balance was truly a matter of a coach believing in his players.

The defense only logged one sack, but it was the continued pressure on Tony Romo that kept the score and his passing yards very low. He had some plays where he had too much time, but for the most part, that Redskins defense stepped up to the challenge.

In the most critical part of the game, why does Haslett send the house for a max blitz? The clear and logical answer is he felt that play call would have the most success in that situation. He did what a coach should do, and that is to do what got you there. They had the lead and the game was in the defense’s hands, so do what you do best.

Haslett went all in and it didn't work out. To me there is no shame in trying. The shame is when you don't go with your gut, and Haslett went with his.

This was a big game for the Redskins, so I understand the questioning of that one single call, but I think it was the right one.

The Redskins missed, but they walk away from that game knowing that their coach truly believes in them.

That play may turn out to be one of the most valuable moments of this season for that defensive unit. I believe as a former player the accountability and the bond between players will grow after this game.

I'd rather lose a game having known the play call was one that said "go get them because this is who we are," rather than with a defensive call saying that we are a bend-but-don't-break team.

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