What name haven’t you heard even once in the past two weeks?

(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

So what does a second-string QB do all week? We see him holding the clipboard on Sundays, but what are his duties the rest of the time? Stay ready just in case? Or are there real things for him to do?

A backups duties during the week are to make sure that the starter has fresh donuts and his choice of hot cocoa or coffee in the meeting room.

I’m just kidding.

The backup’s duties are to prepare as if they are the starter and even though he won’t get very many snaps during the important periods of practice he has to make each play a mental rep. That means he watches the starter and plays the rep in his head, going through his reads and progressions.

He also runs the scout team offense for the starting defense, and even though he’s running cards of the other team’s plays he gets reps to try and win plays against the starters. It’s a valuable way of teaching and developing a potential future starter.

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