The Heat faced a seemingly impossible challenge, going into Boston and avoiding a series ending game. Experts felt the series was all but over unless Lebron James, the NBA’s MVP and most scrutinized player , was able to deliver a series saving performance — and he did just that.

(Ronald Martinez/GETTY IMAGES)

Discussions of the Heat centered on who would be staying or going, how much of a flop this super franchise experiment has been and the biggest story of them all -- the failure of James to win the big game. Although Miami is not out of the woods yet, James’s performance Thursday night was as clutch as any player to have ever played the game.

He threw an entire team on his back and carried it hrough the game in what ended up being a runaway victory for James and the Heat.

Yes, I am eating my words today but I am eating them very slowly. There’s still one game left and then possibly another series. If James can maintain his level of play and get help from his teammates the Heat should get out of this series and give the Thunder all they can handle in the Finals. For now — and that means just today — James has answered his critics in emphatic fashion, but he will need another great performance if they plan on advancing.

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