By skipping his pregame introduction last night at Quicken Loans Arena, LeBron James showed he’s still comfortable with pulling disappearing acts on the people of Cleveland.

I never had a problem with James wanting to test the free agent market and choose a better situation with the Miami Heat, but this is different.

LeBron, you’re a mega NBA star for the Miami Heat, a two-time MVP, dude — just do the introduction. Let the fans boo and scream. Love and hate are big parts of sports and quite frankly, LeBron, your former team's fans are allowed to hate you.

After the game, James said he missed the introduction because "I was just using the restroom. Am I allowed to do that?”

I think I speak for the majority when I say James’s diva mentality has really run thin. Unless there was an assassination threat or something to that effect, he should've gone out there like everyone else.

I was injured and couldn’t walk out onto the field when my team visited the Redskins at Fed Ex Field, but I would have gone out there and focused on having the best game possible for the New York Giants.

Of course I would've been nervous about the reception from my former team’s fans , but by no means would I have stayed in the locker room during team introductions. I would have faced my anxiety and nerves, and that first hit on my opponent would have released all feelings from the pregame buildup.

The memory of upset fans screaming at you would have passed, LeBron, but your cowardly actions will not.