First, I absolutely admire Robert Griffin III running the ball to give the team a boost when it needs one. The problem is he’s running too much. If he has to continue to run this much, it’s not a matter of if but when he’ll be knocked out of a game. I understand he’s super-athletic; that doesn’t mean run him and risk him getting seriously injured.

The offense did generate points. Let’s not overlook that the Redskins put up 30 again. Generally speaking, that should be enough to win games.

The Redskins defense, on the other hand, has been this year’s Achilles heel. For years, it was the backbone of the team, but it isn’t this season. Though there have been critical injuries, I’m not sure the results would have been different with linebacker Brian Orakpo and defensive end Adam Carriker in the lineup. The secondary has been, as expected, the single biggest concern of this team. If it doesn’t improve quickly, don’t expect this team to win many more games. Most offenses the Redskins will be facing have superior quarterbacks.

The Redskins have to be more disciplined, cut down on penalties, block better, keep Griffin from having to run so much and play better defense in the secondary. Pressure on the QB is non-existent right now, and that certainly doesn’t help a beleaguered secondary.

Yet Washington has continued to remain competitive in all three games. Griffin had another outstanding game, but it takes more than one guy to win a team game.

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