My radio show is broadcasting live from Nationals Park for NatsFest. I've been to games, but this is the first time that I'm here in the broadcasting area of the press box, which I just learned is one of the highest out of all baseball stadiums. I asked play-by-play announcer Bob Carpenter, what’s the significance of being high or low in the press box?

Carpenter said that being so high above the action makes judging pitches very difficult, so the TV monitor becomes important to get accurate information.

This press box is actually better for judging fly balls, though. From this vantage point balls that are hit in the gap are quickly noticeable — moreso than anywhere else — but Carpenter also told me that they are cautious in judging balls that may look like they are traveling further than they really are. Focus has to immediately turn to the outfielders in order to judge where the ball is coming down. So if the ball goes up and the outfielders don't move, count that as either a foul ball or a base clearer.

I found the tutorial to be very informative and really cool. The conversation started when I walked into the room and said what a breathtaking view it is from up here.

Nationals Park is a gorgeous ballpark. Once the team starts winning, they shouldn't have a problem filling up this stadium.