Tiger Woods came up short at the Masters this weekend in Augusta, Ga., but coming close and not winning might end up being the best for him as he continues his comeback from personal issues and a faltering game.

Woods finished tied for fourth in last year’s Masters, as well, but this year, he made a final-round charge and was tied for the lead at one point on the back nine.

It has been my opinion that he has lost his competitive edge and that it will be very difficult for him to win majors, but Sunday’s near-miss made me think he has come a long way.

If Tiger had won, media and fans likely would have lost their minds and started the whole “Tiger Woods is back and still the greatest” banter again. With Woods still recovering from personal life mishaps, it might be better for him and his game to emerge slowly and steadily.

If success comes rushing back too quickly, he could fall right back into the places that set him back in the first place.

This tournament should serve as a true confidence-builder and make Tiger hungrier to win a major.

If he continues to chop away and can eventually get back to the top over time, I think he will cherish it more than if he had returned from his absences and continued to just dominate.

After this tournament, my opinion has been swayed a bit. I didn’t think that he could win enough majors to break Jack Nicklaus’s career record of 18, but now I’m not so sure. He just might be able to put it all together again and make a serious run at it.