As the football world turns its attention to where Peyton Manning will play next, let’s not lose sight of one other option: Maybe he should retire.

I know he said at his news conference today that he’s not ready. And Manning is a super-intelligent guy. But that doesn’t mean he’s not capable of making mistakes in his judgement. Many bright men have been blinded by passion and pride.

He’s had an amazing career, one that is sure to land him in Canton, Ohio. He wouldn’t have to take another snap to bolster his resume. So why risk having worse health problems?

If the inury were to anything other than his neck and spine I’d be all in for him to continue playing. But it is his neck and spine, and it only takes one moment to jeopardize his life and his health. I’m not blowing this out of proportion. As I wrote in my last post, football is a very brutal and violent sport for all involved (except maybe kickers and punters).

I’m just trying to understand Manning’s logic outside of him obviously still wanting to play football.

Giving up something that you love so much is never easy, but the reality of football is that day does come for all who play. Manning has other things going for him. Maybe they’re not as much fun or as fulfilling as taking snaps in the NFL, but Manning could do whatever he wants, from booth work to coaching or even a GM role. There are options for him other than risking never being able to walk or stand up straight again.

With all that said, I hope the people closest to him are at least discussing these very real issues with him. I know if he were my child or brother I’d certainly be having these conversations with him.

I say retire. He has nothing left to prove. He played 13 seasons, has a Super Bowl ring and a ton of records and awards. Take your bow and retire with your health.

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