James Harden was out for the count after taking an elbow from Metta World Peace on Sunday. (Reed Saxon/AP)

Now, it’s his contention that he did not intentionally knock Harden into a state of sleep, and he said he was sorry after the game. Here’s the problem with World Peace’s apology: He has no credibility. As a matter of fact, if an NBA player was in the news for a thrown elbow, I’m sure World Peace would be the name most people would think of and they’d be right.

Okay Ron, Metta — whatever it is you’d like to be called — if you didn’t elbow Harden on purpose, it appeared that you did. It looked like you had been studying Saturday night’s fight between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans: That elbow you threw was nothing short of a MMA elbow.

World Peace has a history of chippy moments, the most notable being “Malice at the Palace,” when he was up in the stands “accidentally” trying to fight fans of the Detroit Pistons. Yes, I said accidentally because his actions on that night in 2004 were as inadvertent as the elbow he threw Sunday night.

Seriously, the apology doesn’t excuse such blatant disregard of a fellow player’s health. This was not a good look for the Lakers, who have become known for inappropriate fouls. It’s not good for a league that is desperately trying to build its brand back to the old days. This incident doesn’t help, that’s for sure.

Harden suffered a concussion and is medically unable to participate because of a senseless act. World Peace’s suspension should be longer than the time Harden will miss because of the injury. He better be glad he is not facing judgment from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell; it would be a serious fine and a curtain call.

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