Two of those players — linebacker Keenan Robinson and, you guessed it, quarterback Robert Griffin III — were Redskins, and both were very impressive and nice young men. It really made me happy that the two made it a point to speak with me.

Robinson’s humility and intensity were admirable, and I hope he doesn’t hesitate to ask if he needs any help as he begins his NFL career. As for RGIII, his smile is even more impressive in person than on television.

We embraced and chatted for a few seconds before he had to run off to meetings. In that short time, I got the sense that this young man has one of the most alluring personalities that I’ve ever encountered.

I don’t know what the future holds for RGIII in terms of success here in D.C., but whatever it is I get the feeling this young man won’t allow it to be anything other than great. There’s just something different about him, in a mega-star type of way.

What struck me more was that he and Robinson actually took the time to greet an old Redskin with a hug and then greeted my wife and kids as they exited the room.

Unlike the last No. 2 draft pick for the burgundy and gold (that would be me), I believe this one will change the fortunes of the franchise and excite the entire city. I know there are big expectations, but they’re not too big for this young man’s shoulders.