The Chicago Bulls' Derrick Rose is one of the young stars making an impact. (Jim Prisching/AP)

The NBA playoffs have been pretty exciting and entertaining this year. I find this year to be very intriguing because this is the first season in a long while — maybe since the early days of Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson — where the onlookers can clearly see the traditional superstars being moved out of positions of supremacy.

Guys like Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and Shaquille O’Neal are being replaced with names like Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant and Dwight Howard.

I think the NBA hit a point where new stars were desparately needed to make the league more exciting and appealing but they just weren’t surfacing. I’m sure these young guys needed some time to mature and grow together to be able to compete with teams like the Celtics, Lakers and Spurs, but those guys are wearing down now and these young studs are showing the ability to not only over take them but to re-establish the excitement of the league.

I understand that the forming of super teams is questionable, but they are included in this youth movement. These young guys are taking over and breathing new life into the NBA.

Who would have ever thought we’d be seeing Memphis take on Oklahoma City in the second round of the playoffs? Not to mention both teams have mainstream star players.

A new king will be crowned this season, and for once it’s nice to know that the playoffs will have to be watched to know who the world champions will be this season.