This has been one of the more entertaining postseasons as teams that were expected to make their move to another Super Bowl now find themselves at home watching.

Ravens Coach John Harbaugh, left, and his brother, 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh talk with their father, Jack, before their game on Nov. 24. (Patrick Semansky/AP)

As for John, well, let's just say he's been consistent with his impact on his team ever since taking over as head guy for the Ravens.

Two brothers squaring off in the Super Bowl. Great for television but talk about dilemmas — this takes sibling rivalries to another level.

What about the possible rematches? The Giants were sent home with a loss in 2000 by the Ravens. Even though no players from that game are on this team, knowing the New York Giants fan base and the media, they will be reminded of what Ray Lewis and the boys did to them in that meeting.

 In 2007 the Giants then extended the same courtesy to an undefeated Patriots team. Well, they do still have players from that team and none bigger than quarterback Tom Brady. I’m positively sure it would be a sweet victory if they could finish off their season by winning the Lombardi Trophy while spoiling the Giants’ run to redeem that loss in '07. Any one of these rematches would be entertaining.


There's no denying Lewis is one of the greatest linebackers to ever play the game and is a sure first-ballot Hall of Famer. How fitting would it be if the Ravens won, he earned MVP honors and retired? That's the punctuation on a bestselling book and movie.

However this weekend may end I guess the only game that wouldn't have history behind it would be the 49ers and the Patriots, but that's an easy storyline too as nobody would've expected the 49ers to be in the Superbowl and everyone expects the Patriots.

It will be a fun weekend of games. Sit back, pop some popcorn and enjoy watching it unfold.

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