Ozzie Guillen needs to find his filter and find it fast. His quick and crass responses have caught up with him.

Sure he issued an apology Tuesday and tried to explain his remarks about the infamous Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro, but let’s be clear: Castro’s name has no business coming out of Guillen’s mouth in any way that relates to his duties as manager of a baseball team.

I’ll admit I’ve never been one to hold my tongue for anyone. You ask me, I’m going to let you know my honest opinion. But I make it a point to think about what I’m going to say. I pick and choose my words carefully so my message isn’t lost in offensive language. I developed this filter after many awkward moments created by the delivery of thoughts that did not go over very well.

Guillen has always spoken his mind. And while I respect a person who “keeps it real,” I don’t respect when a person is reckless with his realness. It only takes a couple extra seconds to stop, think and execute a response. I’m not suggesting he should be perfect, or someone that he’s not, but he does need to do better.

I can remember when I was in the NFL, there were certain topics we had league officials come and meet with us about. We were clearly instructed to stay away from potentially controversial topics and politics was very high on that list. While I understand the dynamics of Major League Baseball are different because of the large number of players from other countries, that doesn’t excuse Guillen or anyone else from being ignorant of statements that are going to offend fans.

Guillen was very apologetic and I’m sure many like me appreciated what appeared to be a very emotional and sincere admission of wrongdoing. Guillen does not have to like the rules that he seems to break so easily with his outbursts, but if he gets past this incident, he might want to think about what it will take to keep his job.

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