The 2012 NFL draft begins tomorrow and, for a special few, all the hard work and dedication will be rewarded when they hear their names called by Commissioner Roger Goodell in the first hours Thursday night.

As a former No. 2 overall draft pick, I decided after I retired that one thing I could do is help guys grow as men and as football players. I’ve since started a company called Xtreme Procision, that specializes in the fundamentals of football.

Defensive back Darrell Green celebrates during the 1992 Super Bowl. (Mike Powel/Getty Images)

Futch is big, strong and smart. I hope that he realizes his dreams and gets a chance to play on Sundays. If a team takes a chance on him, I believe he can earn a starting position in the league. He has unlimited potential as a linebacker or even a rush end.

Green is especially interesting to me because I used to see him in the locker room all the time at Redskins Park. He is special to me because his dad was my mentor as well as my teammate--Darrell Green, Mr. Redskin himself.

Jared Green would be in the locker room dribbling his basketball and asking me questions while I was at my locker. Who would’ve thought I’d be training him and preparing him twelve years later?

Jared was always a special kid to me. He was always polite and eager to learn. I was pleasantly surprised to reconnect with him as a man. Those qualities are still very much part of him.

Jared has been living and training with me for the last several months. We have been doing drills and workouts twice a day. He’s like a sponge. He picks it up everything I show him so quickly. But hey, he is D. Green’s son. I guess I should’ve expected that.

We have worked morning and night with a laser focus. He has motivated me to join the workouts.

He is fast. I mean 4.3 for the 40 fast. He is strong. We do three to four sets of 225 on the bench. We have worked hand and footwork. He is a 6’1” wide receiver, with nice hands. He is an impressive prospect coming into this years draft.

As the draft approaches I pray for success for both these young men who have learned from me. I’m always humbled by these outstanding men and I too learn from them. There’s a whole lot of give and take.

I believe both Jordan and Jared will be drafted and will have careers in the NFL. Whether they end up like Jared’s dad and have Hall of Fame careers or not, I know these guys are ready for a much more important game-- life.

Good luck guys, and congratulations on all your hard work. I’m very proud of you both.

Tomorrow I will be posting about what Robert Griffin III can expect when he is drafted No. 2 by the Redskins.

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