John Beck will get the start at quarterback this week. This will go down as the move that made the Redskins’ season or broke it.

Rex Grossman proved to still be inconsistent and careless with the football. So if Mike Shanahan had kept him as the starter, it would have sent a very clear message that Beck was not a capable enough player to make the switch.

Well now it’s clear that Shanahan believes Beck can possibly be better than Grossman, but what if he turns out to be wrong? There are 11 games left in the season.

Teams that I was on went through quarterback problems, and believe me, things like this can derail an entire season.

I remember Brad Johnson and Jeff George and how ugly that got in 2000. What about Jeff George and Tony Banks in 2001? Here's a good one: Shane Matthews and Patrick Ramsey in 2002. Still not enough, how about Patrick Ramsey and Tim Hasselbeck in 2003? The sad part about this is I could keep going. I just gave you four seasons out of my six with the Redskins.

None of these teams recorded winning records; 8-8 was the best any of these teams did.

What I most vividly remember about the offenses on all of these teams was that we didn't have a leader at quarterback, and it showed.

I can remember from year to year how we always found ourselves hoping that a quarterback would come in and light things up and give us hope. At times they did, but it never happened consistently.

I say all of this to say that those weren't good teams, and the sign of a struggling team is quarterback changes.

So don't be shocked if this season starts to slip away, signs are there that it could be starting to happen now.

I'm sure some people will take exception to what I've written. After all, the team is 3-2, but facts don't lie. Just look at that Redskins quarterback carousel from 2000 until now and answer me this: How many of them were or are franchise quarterbacks? Can a team win a championship in today's NFL without one?

Oh yes, the pressure is on. Mike Shanahan has his work cut out for him. After all, he is on his third quarterback and he's not even at the halfway mark of his sophomore season as head coach.

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