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I believe that the Redskins have done a good job so far in free agency. In fact, I’d give them an A based solely on their trade to get the No. 2 spot in the draft. Sure there have been some slight upgrades, but I still think they need a game changer at wide receiver.

With the additions of Pierre Garcon and Josh Morgan at the wideout position, the Redskins have added value in free agency. But I'm pretty sure neither one of these guys is a true number one receiver.

Which brings me back to Burress.

Burress could be the guy, and he would be affordable. So why haven’t the Redskins made a play for him? The team’s best receiver last season was Jabar Gaffney. He stands 6-foot-2, 200 pounds and is best as a possession receiver. Leonard Hankerson, who I look to have a breakout year next season, stands even with Gaffney at 6-2. He’s heavier by 10 pounds but also is more of a mid-level type of receiver.

Burress is 6-5, 235 pounds and can run well. He’s an ideal guy to stretch the field for the other guys to run under routes, not to mention he’d be an ever-present threat, especially in the red zone.

He’s no spring chicken and I understand that. But his great equalizer is his athletic ability and his pure physical attributes.

I played against and with Burress. He practices hard and is a great guy to be around in the locker room. What really struck me about him was his ability to move downfield with ease — almost as if he was galloping instead of running.

Here’s a reality check. For the right price I’d rather bolster the receiving position in Washington with him rather than having to revisit how to stop him if he were to sign with the Eagles.

If the Redskins were to sign a legitimate right tackle and Burress at receiver, and draft Robert Griffin III, I’d have to give Mike Shanahan his props. It would dramatically upgrade the Redskins offense to an exciting one to watch, with weapons of mass destruction on the football field.

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