The Redskins finally were able to rid themselves of Albert Haynesworth. (Jonathan Newton/THE WASHINGTON POST)

How relieved are Redskins fans? The biggest free agent headache ever in Redskins history is gone.

Listen, I still disagree with how everything was handled, but beggars can’t be choosers and I certainly begged for him to be gone before the start of training camp.

CBS Sports’ Clark Judge had a source that said the Redskins would trade Haynesworth for “a ham sandwich” instead of releasing him, opening up the chance that he would sign with the division-rival Eagles. Well, the fifth-round pick in 2013 they got from the Patriots is just that ham sandwich, but the positive about this deal is that the team and fan base can now move on without having to worry about Haynesworth’s antics or facing him twice a year (though the Patriots do visit FedEx Field on Dec. 11).

Now that both Donovan McNabb and Haynesworth are gone, I hope that a true healing process will take place with players and coaches.

This team has many things to focus on if it wants to try and win some games this year and I believe that now — with the final personnel distraction eliminated — the Redskins will be able to do just that.

For me, I don’t wish Haynesworth luck or any success in New England after what he did here. I’m not happy he went to a Super Bowl-caliber team. As a matter of fact, the move initially made me somewhat upset, as it’s almost as if he was rewarded by landing on such a strong team. But then I realized I don’t care where he is; I’m just glad, for the sake of this team, that it’s not here.

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