Who would have thought that after compiling a 3-6 record, the Redskins would still be in playoff contention? After two straight divisional wins, the Redskins are now 5-6 and very much in the hunt.

Although the Giants won too, next week’s game is a battle to get one game closer to first in the division.

The Redskins held their destinies in their hands two weeks ago and that remains even more true heading down the stretch.

I’m speaking from experience. With five games left, they must treat the season as a five-game playoff. They must play each game as if it were a single elimination playoff game.

These guys can make this a memorable year, one when they never gave up. If they let a game slip away, let it be to an AFC team. They have two of those.

The odds are favorable for them to be able to pull this off, if they can perform as they did against the Cowboys. Don’t look now, but the Redskins could run the table, win the division and be in the playoffs.

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