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Redskins-Bears: Washington faces a tougher defense this week

The Redskins face a tougher challenge in Chicago this week than they did in Buffalo last week. The Bears are a team with established veteran talent. Starting units will play at least two quarters and both teams will have a strategy for the game.

Expect both the Bears and the Redskins to get after the QB in this one. I’m excited to see how the team responds to adversity. I guarantee they will deal with some in Saturday’s game.
I fully expect the defense to challenge Jay Cutler and the Bears offense in both the run and pass game. Washington’s defensive front will have its chance to start proving that it has the ability to disrupt and dictate what an offense can do. You can’t give QBs like Cutler too much time in the pocket.

Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher is out after knee surgery, but Lance Briggs is still in there to lead the way. Trent Williams will see one of the NFL’s most gifted athletes in Julius Peppers coming off the edge. That will the matchup of the game.

The Bears rarely have big names in their secondary but this is a team that has the Tampa Two defense down to a science. That makes passing difficult for opposing teams. Can Robert Griffin III be effective against them?

The Redskins are thin at running back with Tim Hightower and Roy Helu on the shelf. That may mean a limited running attack if the line can’t open up some lanes.

This will be our first glimpse of what the Redskins may look like as a team this season. Even with limited gameplanning and display of the play book, two quarters is enough time to see some things. This game is about execution.

Again, the score isn’t the main focus. Win or lose, I’d like the players to come out of this healthy but sore from competing hard for two quarters.

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