Trent Williams in training camp July 27. (John McDonnell/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Things went as well as they could for Robert Griffin III. After two three-and-outs, he led the offense on an 80 yard drive for a touchdown.

Pierre Garçon can be a top receiver in this league, as a Redskin.

The offensive line held its own against a premier defensive line. Trent Williams has received high praise from teammates and he did not disappoint last evening. Williams had about as impressive a start to this preseason as I’ve seen out of a tackle. His downfield block on Garcon’s catch and run was outstanding.

The defense looked good at times and not so good at others. But the good outweighed the bad, which is what a coach likes to see. They had a great goal line stand and they put pressure on the Bills’ quarterbacks from the first snap of the game.

Ryan Kerrigan may emerge as the best defensive player on this unit. He recorded a sack on the first play of the game.

I’ve been critical of Brian Orakpo, saying he needs to be more diverse in his pass rushing. It’s too early to tell if he’s improved. He was held from behind on a play when he could have recorded the sack that Kerrigan rang up, but there was no call. I can’t blame him when he is held. The refs have to do better. By the way, it was very clear that they are replacement officials. Please get a deal done.

Rob Jackson would be a starter on another team. That’s great depth for that position.

Brandon Banks was featured in the offensive scheme. In my opinion it was not a good outing for him. Some of it was on him, some of it was not, but he did not help his cause of making the team as a receiver night.

Rex Grossman, well, he’s still Rex. Case closed.

Kirk Cousins looked like a starting rookie QB, I’d like to see more of him than Grossman. Rex will be the backup because he’s a veteran but Cousins is undoubtedly the future backup.

The Bills defense didn’t really test the Redskins first team, so my takeaways are first impressions. But all in all it was a solid showing for the first game out.