The first preseason game of the year for the much anticipated new-look Redskins is tonight. We won’t see many snaps from the first team players, but in their limited play I’d like to see if these guys have some good energy and continuity before they finish up.

Can RGIII make a splash? I must admit I’m really excited to see him play.Who else will stand out on the first team? Whoever it may be, it doesn’t mean success during the regular season but it’d be nice to see the team get off to a good start.

This is a game for the depth chart. I’m interested to see the position battles all over the field. There are so many questions about the team that I will watch all of the positions to see who shows promise.

I’ll also be checking out some of the other games to see how the other teams compare to the Redskins coming out of the gate.

If these guys can get some good game reps and stay healthy, that will be the best outcome for this game.