(Tony Gutierrez/AP)

So, in short, this is a vulnerable team.These are the games that the Redskins need to win to better their record from last year. Here’s what the Redskins need to do on Sunday:

On offense, if Trent Williams is down I think that’s the singular biggest loss to this team outside of Robert Griffin III. So I’m assuming RGIII will need to be off the ball so he can see where the blitz is coming from. Timing and rhythm will be imperative for the offense. The Bucs aren’t a great defensive team, but they do have a presence along their front. The main focus will be on keeping Gerald McCoy from pushing the pocket.

If RGIII has time I believe the Redskins can have success. The Redskins could use a superman like performance out of the back field, no matter who it is. I’m assuming Alford Morris.

On defense, it’s simple. Pressure Josh Freeman, a young struggling QB , and stop the run. Yes the secondary has to play way better, but the real story is what will happen up front. Even though Freeman is struggling, with time and a running game he could become dangerous very quickly. It’s up to that front seven not to let that happen. They have to knock Freeman around and keep him from finding any rhythm or comfort. If the defense is successful they have a chance.

On special teams, just don’t give up any big plays and make field goals . Everything else is a bonus. If Brandon Banks helps in any phase of the return game that’s a bonus. If Sav Rocca punts deep balls for field position that’s a bonus. Just protect against the big play, period.

This is a very winnable game, I’m just not convinced this Redskins team knows how to win. So I’m forced to take a lesser of a team on the road. I’m taking Tampa Bay.