In sports, the best thing that could ever happen to a player is having that moment, and for some moments, where all of the stars align and something special happens that everyone remembers forever.

I had two of them as a Redskin. The first was the interception against the Carolina Panthers in 2001, when I returned the ball 67 yards for a touchdown that sparked a comeback that eventually led to a 5-game winning streak.

And of course in my rookie season there was the hit on Troy Aikman.

I don’t glorify injuries of players. I respect the game and the players in it, so I’m very careful not to indulge too much the countless numbers of fans that try to discuss it with me.

Regardless of how I feel about it, the intense rivalry between the Redskins and Cowboys made my hit that day one that would forever be connected to me and my career.

I hate that the hit marked the end of a brilliant career, but I’d be lying if I said I can’t believe that I brought it so hard when I played that I knocked Troy Aikman smack out! Not to mention it was in the biggest game of my life at that point in my young career. I showed the Redskins nation and the world why I was the real deal!

Honestly, I don’t go a day without hearing something in reference to that hit. It solidified my place in Redskins history and for that I’m forever grateful to have made a play with such a lasting effect on the fans.