So DeAngelo Hall will be only fined not suspended for his verbal altercation and ejection last Sunday. Whether fans believe this or not, Hall’s absence would have made an already struggling secondary worse. I hope Hall sees this as a reprieve of sorts and has a get-back-on-track type of game. I am thinking the same thing for this entire defense. That could just be wishful thinking.

This Sunday, my family and I will be in attendance together for the first time since I wore the uniform. I will be eager to see how these guys look in real time; it’s always better to see things in person.

It really gets tiring trying to understand why this unit has played so poorly. I’m sure they’re tired of it as well. The question is: Do these guys have what it takes to put a complete game together and lower their critics’ volume, at least for a week? We shall see. The Panthers are an able team, but they too have stumbled and struggled this year. If the Redskins want to finish the season with a respectable record, this is a must-win game. It’s a must-win for the morale of this team.

Hey, I can remember a Redskins team that was 0-5 entering a Carolina Panther game and managed to win. It led to five straight victories and eight out of the last eleven games that season. So things do have the chance of swinging in a different direction, but this team needs a win to feel some confidence and excitement again. There’s a bye week after this game and sitting at 4-5 feels much better than 3-6. D. Hall, count your blessings. The Redskins’ defense needs to step up to the plate this Sunday and have a go at it.

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