The Redskins have to go on the road to play a surging Dolphins team this weekend. Here’s what Washington must do.

The Dolphins will try to run as much as possible, with Reggie Bush and QB Matt Moore. If the the Redskins defense can stop the run, then the game becomes about trying to find Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall.

I’m no rocket scientist, but I do know that the zone coverage the Redskins have been using will allow a receiver suchas Marshall opportunities to make short catches and long runs. The corner to Marshall’s side will need to line up close to him and even try to jam him. I’d have a safety over the top to guard against Marshall beating the press coverage.

So stop Matt Moore and Reggie Bush from running, which will force Moore to throw. We all know who he will be looking for. Cover Marshall.

If the Redskins are to have a chance to win, the defense also will need to generate turnovers and help with field position. That unit also could help by turning plays into points. We haven’t seen that in a long time. It would be nice to see that this defense can truly carry the team.

On offense, it seems to me that this unit needs to help with the battle of field position. Eleven points in two games doesn’t really give me confidence that an offensive explosion will occur Sunday.

The Redskins must run the ball, protect the ball and try to manage the clock, so the defense isn’t on the field all game.

This offense had opportunities last week in the passing game, but John Beck didn’t seem to see them downfield. He will need to see them this week if they are to have any measure of success through the air.

As bad as the Dolphins record is, this team has a pretty strong defensive front, led by LB Cameron Wake. This will be a mismatch with Jammal Brown on that right side, if Brown is even able to play. The blocking scheme will have to be geared to help him.

Trent Williams will take on LB Jason Taylor, which at this point in Taylor’s career is a more manageable task. But he can still get after it.

Special teams will need to help out in a big way. Coverage will be important for field position, and K Graham Gano may be the only source of points for the Redskins. He must be ready.

The Dolphins are playing fairly well right now and this may prove to be a game the Redskins can’t win. But it’s one of the few where they have a chance.

If Beck plays the whole game, the Redskins will lose. If backup Rex Grossman gets in with a decent amount of time remaining, they may have a chance. As long as Beck is the quarterback, I don’t see how the Redskins can win. I’m taking the Dolphins.