It’s not hard to get back into football after a bye week. The week is really a four-day break or, if you have a coach like Mike Shanahan, it’s five days. The players were let go for the week after last Tuesday’s practice, which means Wednesday through Sunday were their true days off. Monday marks the start of the regular work week.

I know for me, bye weeks were fun and peaceful. The time flies by when you’re having fun, and before you know it, you’re back to work.

So I don’t really think players look at a bye week as anything other than a quick break in the season to get away from the game for a couple days. I always remembered our practices after the bye week having the energy of an opening practice, because everyone was happy to be back in the facility with one another.

And I never found it to be difficult to get back into the groove, because I didn’t feel like I was ever out of it.

The Redskins have shown a confidence that leads me to believe they will not have trouble refocusing as they head into their 12 game stretch.

However what does take away the focus and the drive is the combination of weather and practice. I know the Redskins are building a practice area for indoor use. Believe me, when that’s finished, that will make a big difference for this team. Focusing on plays and doing things the right way are still a priority coming out of this bye, not staying warm in the rain or snow as the weather changes here.

The Redskins will have their work cut out for them this week when they face a down and wounded Eagles team. They say get someone cornered and you’ll find out what he is made of. Well these Eagles are in a corner. So the Redskins will need to guard against that this week.