Like last week’s season opener, tempo and ball control will be important for the Redskins’ offense Sunday against the Rams, but I believe this is also the perfect opportunity to let RGIII throw downfield and often. The Rams’ defense is similar to the Saints, but their offense isn’t — so keeping them off the field isn’t as high a priority. The Redskins offense can take some chances, so I’m looking for them to be more aggressive with their play-calling this week.

Even though RGIII threw no interceptions last week, he and the offense made some timing mistakes. They will need to guard against any cheap giveaways to keep the Rams from having any belief they can win.

On defense, it should be business as usual for the Redskins. This is a good week for the defense to take more chances. Be creative with the blitzes. Play the run tough and early, and the pass-rushing floodgates could open up.

Sam Bradford is a good quarterback, but he has no weapons to throw to. Hit him and hit him often. If the game is put on Bradford’s arm, I believe that plays into the hands of the defense: Get turnovers; generate some fumbles and interceptions and hopefully plenty of sacks.

On special teams, don’t give up any cheap ones. Last week the Redskins allowed the Saints points off a blocked punt. Sav Rocca must punt well which I’m sure he will.

I’d like to Brandon Banks to break a long return or come close. This could be a dream game for Banks, because I believe the Rams will be punting quite a bit.

Billy Cundiff just needs to be consistent on kickoffs and field goals.

If it sounds like I think the Rams are a weak team, it’s because I think the Rams are a weak team. Sure they nearly won in Detroit last week, and they have a really good coach in Jeff Fisher. They are far from where they need to be right now, and I believe that makes them dangerous only if they are underestimated.

The Redskins have been down that road before; I don’t anticipate them taking the Rams lightly at all, which means they should be 2-0 after Sunday. I’m going with the Redskins in this one.