So another negative story has surfaced about Donovan McNabb, this one alleging that he didn’t want to wear a wristband containing plays because he felt it made him look bad.

The specifics of the reports, and the denials, aren’t as important as the fact that the Redskins yet again find themselves in the headlines for division and confusion within the organization. Even in May, in a year when labor issues have shut down the NFL, the Redskins are making the wrong kind of news.

These kinds of issues have plagued the franchise in recent years. If owner Dan Snyder wants to fix this team once and for all, these are the problems that need to be eliminated.

These kinds of reports have always been a part of this team, and if there is no more loyalty and accountability for one another within the organization than this, then it’s perfectly clear why this team is coming off a 6-10 season that followed a 4-12 campaign.

Team issues should always be handled behind closed doors as responsible adults, limited information may surface in the media, but it should be just that: limited.

This team has not been able to completely pull together from top to bottom during Snyder’s time as owner. The organization has too much separation and not enough accountability: Anyone and everyone can be sold out at any time by management, coaches or players.

So my question is how do the Redskins grow as a team and win if all of this confusion is going on all the time? A very simple answer: They don’t, and they haven’t.

As much as I dislike the way Albert Haynesworth handles things, the Redskins environment is just as much to blame for his failures. Countless other players have been ensnared in controversy in a place where it’s clearly eat or be eaten, kill or be killed.

This team can’t begin its long overdue healing process until it handles its issues behind closed doors and keeps the details out of the public eye. The propaganda machine in Ashburn needs to be destroyed. This franchise cannot continue to be compromised from within.

Once this healing takes place — between the team, the fans and everyone else associated — then the true building process can begin. If not, this team is destined to continue to battle as individuals in a no-win situation.