I'm often accused by a few misinformed people of being a negative person when it comes to my former team. I'm not going to take unnecessary shots at the Redskins, but at the same time I want to give my opinion surrounding the most recent debacle involving the franchise.

The NFL will take $36 million in salary cap space away from the Redskins because of its approach to structuring contracts in 2010. I'm not sure how a team can be punished for contracts when there was no salary cap. With that being said, they were punished for front loading contracts after being directed not to. What I wonder is why the two most profitable sports franchises, the Redskins and Cowboys, were the most heavily punished teams. Why were the Redskins penalized so much?

Regardless of the reason, it just seems as though no matter how hard the Redskins try to fix things for the better, they have a unique ability to find different ways to be the center of attention for the wrong reasons. They took one big step forward when the news broke of the trade to move up to the No. 2 spot in the draft. Well, I would assume we know why they moved so quickly to do so, avoiding any potential mishaps for that pick. Why be in that predicament to begin with?

 Excitement grew all over the city, only to be dashed just a couple days later with the news of losing so much money to penalties.

That's called two steps backwards. If this team can't do things better, it is destined to keep repeating the same mistakes in some form.

They have some serious shuffling to do, evident by the immediate releases of OJ Atogwe and Mike Sellers. They will need to maneuver some more if they are to try and add some quality players to go with the already steep price they've paid to get Robert Griffin III in the upcoming draft.

What should've been a clear moment of triumph now turns into more questions of whether this group can turn things around. Do the Redskins know what they are doing?

It will be interesting to see how free agency and this cap penalty issue will all play out.

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