The Redskins lost a heartbreaker last weekend against a real fine team. I don’t know which hurts more--a close loss or a blowout. What I do know is players have a hard time accepting moral victories. Most times, a loss is simply a loss.

Now they head into a game against the Minnesota Vikings, a team that was considered similar to the Redskins as the season began. But the Vikings are off to a fast start, and they’ve done it against some quality opponents, including the Lions and the 49ers.

So a game that was checked off as sure win now looks like a dog fight.

At 2-3 on the year, with an increasingly difficult schedule ahead, this feels like the type of game where a team can find something positive to build on or slip further down into a place that is difficult to crawl out of.

I’m not pretending to know this feeling, I’m well versed in it. The teams I played on here faced these moments much too often. I can recall the year we found confidence in a win and it carried us for four straight games. We beat some good teams.

There are lots of factors in a team’s success. The one this team needs to focus on is the belief factor. These guys must work with the belief that they will win Sunday. They must believe in each other and their coaches. The coaches need to call plays with the belief that the guys on the field can execute them.

This is a big game for the Redskins. I’m hoping they can bounce back from a disappointing loss.

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