The Washington Redskins now find themselves in a very uncomfortable situation at 3-2, after what seemed to be a strong start. There were persistent questions surrounding this team, such as the QB situation, and now they’re very much back under discussion. The Redskins, like the Panthers, need to win this week. All of a sudden, Washington goes from a team at the top of the NFC East to struggling to stay above .500.

Carolina is a good team that comes close to winning games but can’t seem to close them out. They have played against some quality opponents, so it wouldn’t be hard to believe that this outfit is much better than its record.

So this may prove to be another trap game, just like the Eagles game. The Redskins had better be ready to play in Carolina and play hard, or this Panthers team will rebound this week. I think all would agree that the Redskins did enough charity work for the month in the Eagles game.

The Redskins need a quality showing to recapture some of the confidence they may have lost against the Eagles. I’m sure losing to two divisional opponents is now in the back of the players’ minds, and believe me that’s not a good feeling.

The Carolina Panthers won’t be an easy win but there is no reason why the Redskins shouldn’t win.