Here’s what I took from the Redskins big win over the Minnesota Vikings, which, remember, they accomplisehd wthout top wide receiver Pierre Garçon. That made some of these keys to the game even more important.

Did the Skins establish the running attack? Yes and no, Tailback Alfred Morris was held in check for the most part, but he was effective enough that the Vikings had to respect Washington’s play-action fakes. Morris was held under a hundred yards but quarterback Robert Griffin III wasn’t. He was having a solid day, with touchdowns on a run and a pass, when the magic happened in the fourth quarter: his explosive touchdown run of 76 yards, the second time he hit pay dirt on the ground.

Griffin managed the game well, with just one interception and one sack.

Was tight end Fred Davis enough of a factor? I’d say no. Three receptions for 46 yards isn’t enough. He should be a mch bigger priority in this offense. He should be targeted nearly 10 times in every game.

On defense it was all about stopping two guys:running back Adrian Peterson and receiver Percy Harvin. Both were banged up, but early in the game it looked as though Minnesota would have its way running the ball on the Redskins. But after Peterson’s 32-yard run, the defense pretty much held him in check.

The defense did not do a good job against Harvin. He had a very productive game. But he was force-fed the ball and there wasn’t much production elsewhere. The defense has done a respectable job versus the run all season.

Unfortunately 352 yards passing is too much. Quarterback Christian Ponder’s completion percentage was low but his numbers were still too high.

The defense continues to contribute points.

I thought it was great to see a guy like Lorenzo Alexander rewarded with play on defense. He has been an animal on special teams. His One Man Gang mentality stole the show Sunday. He provided a spark in the pass rush department that had been missing. Aside from Griffin, Alexander has been the MVP of the team so far.

All in all, the defense did what it needed to do, winning the turnover battle with three takeaways.

Special teams were solid but still haven’t had that breakout day from Brandon Banks.

The win against a much improved Vikings team shows continued growth and puts the Redskins at 3-3 heading into a big time matchup against the Giants.

I thought the Redskins looked like a team Sunday. It was a day that encouraged me about how the rest of this season may unfold.