The first shots were fired Tuesday when longtime, beloved tight end Chris Cooley was released, setting the stage for an enormous buildup to today. Who will make the Redskins’ roster and who will be let go?

Before the shocking news about Cooley, I believed everyone thought this would be one of those camps where we had a good grasp on who’d make the 53 man roster and who wouldn’t.

If there is going to be another stunner, I assume it’d be at receiver.

There are way too many receivers to keep them all. I thought I knew who would survive, but that has changed. I won’t be surprised if I see Santana Moss or Anthony Armstrong released.

(Clearly Niles Paul wouldn’t have made this team as a receiver, but coach Mike Shanahan liked him enough that he switched him to tight end.)

I always believed Brandon Banks was too valuable to cut and I guess I was right. .

Here’s the most interesting one for me even though I know it won’t happen. I believe Kirk Cousins played all those snaps so that the staff could see if he could handle backup duties. That could mean so long for Rex Grossman. Is this probable? No. Possible? Yes, especially if this new look Redskins team is to get closer to completion. Sure this administration brought him in, and they didn’t think they were going to start him outside of injury. He’s a veteran that they are comfortable with but I won’t be surprised if they purge themselves and this city of Grossman.

Get your popcorn and we’ll see what happens.