The rumor mill has been spinning with reports of Peyton Manning becoming a Redskin if he is let go by the Colts. But I’ve seen nothing to change my opinion on this matter.

If Peyton Manning becomes available, to me that means the Colts don’t feel confident about his health. If that’s the case, why would a struggling team that has had no success fielding a QB take such a big risk?

Here’s another question: why would Manning want to come here? The only answer I can come up with is the money. If money is the sole motivator, why would the Redskins pay an astronomical sum to a guy whose true health status is an open question?

You may be saying ‘that’s what physicals are for.’ I’m here to tell you that there have been plenty of players who passed physicals and were paid top dollar but couldn’t finish out seasons due to injuries. I have no shame in admitting I was one of them.

I didn’t hide the fact that my knees were falling apart, nor did I try to fake my way onto a team. But I had so much wear and tear that my knee joints were beginning to be bone on bone, which means the end is near for a player. I passed my physical with three separate teams and signed with one, but I knew my time was winding down. Some guys can play a while with ailments and some can’t. I did all the rehab sessions-- everything that was asked of me and more. That did not keep my Achilles tendon from rupturing in the fifth game of season.

Fortunately the team I played for at the time, the New York Giants, were well built, and my injury didn’t change the team’s fortunes. They still made the playoffs. Even though their calculated risk with me didn’t work, they were OK.

That isn’t the case with the Redskins. The QB carousel since Coach Mike Shanahan has taken over has been less than impressive.

Indeed this team needs a quarterback, and if Manning were available under different circumstances I’d be very excited myself about the prospects of bringing him here. But the reality is this team is not one player away from winning, and Shanahan has struggled in his first two seasons. If the Redskins signed Manning and he was unable to play or complete the season, that would be a devastating blow to the team.

I just don’t think this team is in any position to overpay for the services of a guy who may or may not be healthy enough to play. And I wonder how much a decision like this would affect Mike Shanahan’s job security if it didn’t work?

The Redskins should draft a QB, struggle as he develops and hope that he can get in there and win in a decent time frame. Otherwise, they should stay the course and continue to use the draft to build the team, get younger and, hopefully, better. At this point there just is no reason to create an unnecessary storm of emotions by bringing Manning here.

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