The Redskins entered this years draft with a lack of picks so it was expected that they might try to trade down from their 10th overall spot in exchange for additional selections. They managed to do so, by sending the 10th pick to Jacksonville in exchange for the Jaguars’ spots in the first round (16th overall) and second round (49th overall).

I’m really proud of the fact that the Redskins made the best move for the team. As funny as this may sound, I think the Redskins really wanted quarterback Jake Locker, and surprisingly other teams did too, so he was already gone by the 10th pick. I’m glad Locker wasn’t there to tempt the Redskins, but Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert was and that set up the chance for an emotionally driven pick who wasn’t expected to fall so far. In fact, some specualted that Mike Shanahan might move up to get Gabbert.

The Redskins not only didn’t take Gabbert, but they used his falling down the draft board to lure the Jaguars into a trade that yielded defensive end Ryan Kerrigan and an additonal second-round selection.

I’m not totally sure if Kerrigan was the best pick. I had my draft card with me, and he wasn’t rated the best available at that pick, which meant the Redskins were picking for need, not best available talent.

As I stated before, a nose guard would have made more sense to me. Nonetheless the team has drafted a guy who has a chance to contribute this season, and that’s what’s most important.