One question that has been asked for years in Washington is: Why do the Redskins show more appreciation for other teams’ players?

I believe I have an answer: The owner of the team wants to win in the worst way and is still learning, through trial and error, how to build a winner. As a result of the continued trials and errors, a chain reaction continues to takes place. Let me explain.

Coaches are hired with the expectation of winning and winning now. After so many failures and departures, the coaching carousel has created an organization with regime mixing.

What is regime mixing? It’s when a coach is hired, comes in and brings his core group of people from the front office on down. When the coach loses his job, one of two things happen: the people he brought with him either lose their jobs as well or they are retained by the new regime.

The harsh reality of this cycle is that now there’s a building with a melting pot of people from different regimes. Yes, regime mixing.

Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But with an organization that hasn’t been able to find stability, it is.

Regime mixing creates differences. Although subtle, they exist.

It’s like the step-parent theory. You take care of the kid even though he or she isn’t yours. But let’s face it, the feeling for a child you made is ultimately different from one you didn’t.

Coaches are accepting positions with the Redskins and becoming step-coaches to other coaches’ players.

So when the team goes out and signs a free agent for a high price, it’s because he is the new coaches’ guy and he is worth the price tag. The same goes for draft picks; they are drafted to come in and be groomed and grown in the system of the current coaching staff. Well, when that head coach loses his job, what happens?

Staff and players being left behind is what happens, and not being appreciated as much is a possibility for the guys who were drafted or brought in by a different coach.

I believe problems that plague this team are deeply rooted in the built-up resentment towards the franchise by players who are subjected to this. It builds up in these guys and then when they become a victim of coaching change circumstances, we witness players speaking their piece in a very negative way.

This happens to be a very real problem that exists with this team and needs to be addressed if the Redskins want to reduce the errors connected to their trials to become a better team.