After Friday night’s game, I will be interested to see what John Beck brings to the table in the next game.

Rex Grossman looked like a man in control of an offense; he managed the drives and the clock during his time in the game. This impressive showing came against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the league’s runners-up a year ago.

Grossman made the proper reads and throws on his way to making an impressive statement for the starting quarterback job.

My observations also included seeing him successfully run the two- minute drill and drive the length of the field for a touchdown.

I know it’s the first game of the year — no game plans, just football — but I like these results better than the alternative.

We could easily be making excuses as to why Grossman and the rest of the team looked bad, so I was pleasantly surprised that after a questionable statement by Grossman earlier in the week he and this Redskins team went out against a really good team and backed it up.

Your move Beck. Grossman’s performance will be hard to follow, so much so that it just may have put Rex out in front for that number one spot.