Rex Grossman had a successful outing in a 28-14 win against the Giants on Sunday afternoon, but there’s room for improvement.

There were too many missed opportunities with Grossman's deep ball. It didn't hurt them in this game, but there will come a time when he will need to hit that wide open receiver downfield.

The running game didn't do him any favors. If and when that happens, the offensive line must do a better job of protecting Grossman. Otherwise, his strong start could be short-lived.

They won the game, but this was the first game, which means opponents down the road will study and pick up on team tendencies; more specifically, the quarterback.

When the pressure got to Grossman, he threw bad passes and he also turned the ball over.

He will need to hit on those deep balls to keep the defenses honest. It was clear that the reason why the receivers were able to get behind defenders was because they were playing closer to the ball, anticipating the run or shallow routes.

The Redskins’ running game must improve to help Grossman, and he must improve to help the offensive line by hitting that deep ball. If this happens, this offense goes from serviceable to potent.

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