This could be an entry about how poorly Rex Grossman played on Sunday. I could point out all the things Rex did wrong and pile on, as I’m sure the rest of the football world will do today.

But I won’t. For one thing, there’s still a lot of football left to be played.

Unfortunately with all that being said, I can’t let Rex off free. All I could think after the game was: ‘Wow, guys need to shut their mouths and just play.’ Grossman, you’ll remember, predicted three times that the Redskins would win the NFC East.

I’m not one to fist pound and say ‘I told you so.’ But I did say it.

Grossman should know himself well enough to realize that he would go out and try to do too much at some point this season. He knew he would force throws and play outside himself in some game. With all this knowledge, why would Rex take his thoughts and comments to the media?

This is as good an example as any as why telling the media what you are going to do is a bad idea. It serves no real purpose in the grand scheme of things.

You’re probably thinking that I did that myself at some point in my career and you’d be correct. That’s why I know it serves very little purpose, outside of entertainment value.

I can remember when I told Sports Illustrated during my junior year of college that if the country didn’t know I was the best linebacker in the land the year before, it would know this season.

Fortunately I had an amazing year, due to some phenomenal teammates who allowed me to make plays, but it was not smart of me to run my mouth like that. I was going to get teams’ best shots anyway. I was the returning Big Ten defensive player of the year. Well, my big mouth earned me more attention and guys were trying to make reputations off how they played against me.

Sure it all worked out in the end, but anything could’ve happened to alter the outcome of my junior year. And people love to root for the under dog; who wants to be excited about someone who would be so forward about how good they think they are?

Rex’s future is uncertain and so is this team’s, which brings me back to the point: Just play ball. Why worry about telling the media what it is that you and your team are going to do? The only convincing will come on the field every week. Let your play do the talking for you.

For what it’s worth, this team is still very much in the race for a division crown. The irony is that if the Redskins do win, it may be with Grossman on the bench.

I don’t remember that being part of his prediction.