When I was on the set of Post Sports Live, this question was posed: Will Robert Griffin III’s first preseason game hold more significance than the first regular season game pitched by Stephen Strasburg? I find it hard to imagine that about a game that is basically a scrimmage, but after giving it some real thought I think it’s true. Here’s why.

Although Griffin’s time in the Bills game will be limited, the anticipation of what he can do is palpable. People want to know if all the hype is justified, and a preseason game is the first real way of measuring.

The Redskins sacrificed four high round draft picks to move up and get him, so there will be plenty of people hoping that he shows in his first game that he was worth it.

The Redskins have not drafted a franchise quarterback in close to two decades. We won’t know from this outing whether they finally have one, but that won’t keep us from watching to see if he shows that type of promise.

The Nationals play 162 games each season with a five-man pitching rotation, making Strasburg only a piece of their puzzle, albeit a big one. Griffin has four preseason and sixteen regular season games, many fewer games at the most important position in the sport. He is the whole puzzle.

The Washington Post’s LaVar Arrington, Jason Reid and Dan Steinberg compare the hype leading up to the Redskins preseason opener, and the debut of rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III, with the anticipation for Stephen Strasburg’s debut at Nationals Park in 2010.