The Redskins’ pre-draft deal with the St Louis Rams to sew up the number two pick and the chance to draft Robert Griffin III speaks volumes about their commitment to build a winner.

I have to admit that I wasn’t a big proponent of giving up so many draft picks for one player. But as I’ve studied the Baylor Heisman-trophy winner over the last several months, I’ve come to believe that this is not only a great move for the team but an exciting one for the entire city.

Griffin possesses all the personal qualities that could change a team’s fortunes. His rare blend of passing and running ability, along with his superior intellect, makes him the most intriguing prospect in this draft, hands down.

Washington has not been a friendly or forgiving town when it comes to QBs. Many have tried to crack the code of balancing success on and off the field, and over the last 20 years, all have failed. But I think R.G. III has the best chance to succeed so far.

His charisma is off the charts. He’s a very humble and likeable human being--a quality valued highly around here. When I played, I was accepted and embraced because of my strong commitment and passion for the team and fans. I didn’t shy away from being a standup guy and I believe that is why the fans loved me, even during losing years.

Griffin appears to have that same ‘it’ factor and then some. That will become very evident as soon as he is drafted. He is a very impressive young man. If it sounds like I’m gushing over him, you’re right. He’s everything I would’ve loved to have had when I was playing. I really believe that if he is developed properly, this may mark the turning point of this franchise.

I’m now a member of the media, but from a personal stand point I’d love to see the team start winning. It may not happen immediately, but Griffin will bring hope to an otherwise seemingly hopeless situation. It certainly would make my job much easier.

Everyone thinks that Andrew Luck is a can’t-miss talent. Well, he’ll be drafted by a team that is even further behind in its rebuilding than the Redskins. That means both guys will be measured evenly.

This may be the first drafted bona fide stud franchise QB for the Redskins in well, ever. It seems unbelievable and although the price was very steep, this may mark the true starting point of building a winning franchise.

I like the move. More importantly, I already love R.G.III!

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