I do a radio show in D.C. on 106.7 FM and Thursday there was a spirited debate about whether Redskins fans would be disappointed if the Colts took Robert Griffin III instead of Andrew Luck, which would mean Luck would be coming to the Redskins.

My opinion is it’s a win-win situation. Both guys are very athletic. Sure, RGIII is more athletic, but not by much, not enough for it to truly matter.

Both guys are very bright, show great poise and self control and seem like solid citizens. It’s important for a team to know it’s not getting a party animal like I was when I first came into the league. Partying can be blamed for the failures of many professional athletes in D.C. Yes, I said it! The nightlife here is fun and could easily become too much fun.

The Redskins need a guy who can handle himself on and off the field. This city can consume you, whether it’s through temptation or the media or fan scrutiny. I believe both of these guys would do just fine, and believe me that is not a given with every prospect.

Both Griffin and Luck are pass-first QBs who are also very mobile, which seems to be part of the evolution of the position.

I’d say the only glaring difference between the two is RGIII’s presence, his command, his appeal. Luck comes across as very unassuming. He’s not going to win a style points contest. In the grand scheme of things, it’s all in what moves you. Some prefer less style, while others love it.

Personally, I love style and I have fallen in love with RGIII. I believe he has everything this city and the Redskins need. He has the personality to excite this town and the ability to change a losing culture.

While I believe Luck also has the ability to change the culture and fortunes of this team, I think he’d be a great QB and most likely a tad boring to cover. By all accounts from people who have spent time with him, he’s a very pleasant guy--great to talk with, but a bit dry.

Which helps explain why Griffin is getting the lion’s share of the media attention right now. One expert on my show said the Redskins’ decision to trade up and draft Griffin now seems brilliant. It’s safe to say that if the negotiations started today there’d be more teams bidding and the cost for that No. 2 pick would be much higher. .

So here’s your chance to chime in: Leave a comment on who you think is the better fit in DC and why. Would you be disappointed if Andrew Luck is the Redskins’ pick instead of RGIII?