The Redskins’ selection of quarterback Kirk Cousins in the fourth round has been a hot button topic since it happened Saturday. Many fans feel the pick wasn’t a big deal and that the media is building it into a controversy, while others have made it clear they are confused by the choice.

I don’t believe there is a right or wrong way to feel on this subject. It’s all about football philosophy, which is what makes this topic so open to debate.

I wanted to write about my view because I believe fans sometimes go overboard defending the Redskins with little or no logic to support their claim.

I don’t believe it was a bad pick but I disagree with it and here’s why.

The biggest reason is that this team has so many needs to fill and every selection in a draft should be aimed at finding a player who can improve your team, especially a losing team. The team already had given up plenty of draft picks to land quarterback Robert Griffin III, so why spend another on a backup?

When a team is always in the playoffs or challenging to get to the Super Bowl, then draft picks to fill backup positions make sense. The Redskins are not that team. As a matter of fact, they are very far from it. Coach Mike Shanahan’s players have 11 wins in 32 games.

To me, that’s not a team that should be looking for backups at quarterback in the draft. The Redskins would be better served trying to find potential starters in positions of need.

Shanahan apparently believes he has enough time to develop the team from the ground up, which would mean he has the luxury of picking players who can help down the line. If this is true, then we are left to see how long it will take for Shanahan’s master plan to take shape and hope that he knows what he’s doing.

At the risk of sounding like a detractor, he hasn’t won very many points in that category here in D.C — from the release of Jason Campbell to make way for Donovan McNabb, from McNabb’s benching for Rex Grossman, to Grossman’s benching for John Beck.

Shanahan staked his reputation on his judgement that Grossman and Beck could play. Really? Beck was released Saturday when Cousins was picked, and it came as no surprise.

I am a Redskins alum and a fan, but I will always be truthful about how I feel about this team. Sometimes the truth hurts, but it can also help with clarity.

This is my truth and I stand by it, even though I disagree with the pick: It’s not the doom of this team, I liked the other picks and I love Griffin. It would be nice to see this team find a level of success that it so desperately needs.

If I come off as someone who seems to have a personal, vested interest in this team, it’s because I do.